LOS ANGELES, USA – The 19-year-old perpetrator of the recent U.S. mass shooting murdered himself, the coroner’s office said Friday, August 2, in contradiction with police reports that policemen shot the teen dead within a minute.   At last Sunday’s famous festival in the town of Gilroy, California, Santino William Legan was armed with an AK-47-type assault rifle, killing two kids and a 25-year-old person. In the assault, twelve individuals

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In the near term, the peso is likely to stabilize at the P52 per dollar point, with slight weakness as the heightened trade tensions between the US and China supported the dollar against emerging market currencies, an analyst said Friday. The peso launched on Thursday from P51.20 to the dollar at P51.32. US President Donald Trump’s threat to increase tariffs on more Chinese organizations is “obviously positive for the dollar”


Ben Simmons, lately signed with the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers on a five-year, US$ 170 million contract extension, pulled out of Australia’s show matches ahead of the World Cup. The Melbourne-born star had already withdrawn from the China World Cup in order to better prepare for the NBA season, which tips off on August 31. And the 23-year-old has now opted out in the lead-up tournament from Australia’s two matches against


The Asean+3 Macroeconomic and Research Office (Amro) has reduced its growth predictions for the Philippines in 2019 and 2020 to 6.3% and 6.5% respectively. This was included in the update published in Amro’s Asean+3 Regional Economic Outlook July. Amro expected a 6.4% development for the Philippines for 2019 and 6.6% for 2020 in its prior study. Amro ascribed the slower growth forecasts to the unanticipated slowdown in development in the

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China does not have the West Philippine Sea (WPS), said Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. In a statement to President Rodrigo Duterte’s fourth State of the Nation Address Monday, the senior judge said China had seven characteristics in the Spratlys plus Scarborough Shoal. He added that China also confiscated Sandy Cay from the Philippines during the Duterte administration. But even when taken together, the region of these geological

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The National Weather Service has advised that dangerously warm temperatures are scheduled for Wednesday throughout the Central and Easter United States, with temperatures above 100 degree Celsius (approx. 38 degrees Celsius) in most hit parts of the country. In many locations, temperatures are anticipated to stay in the 80% even when the sun falls beneath the horizon. All those who live in the region, stretching through Iowa, Missouri and southern


Britain has said that they will be sending a second warship to the Gulf while raising the alert level in the region. Tension has been spiking up after Iranian gunboats threatened a UK supertanker. US President Donald Trump has been actively voicing out Iran over news  about Iran’s nuclear program and its alleged support for terror groups in the Middle East. Trump further warns Iran to be “careful.” Two of

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North Korea on Monday called the weekend meeting between its leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump in the Demilitarized Zone as “historic” and “amazing”. The two leaders settled to “resume and push forward productive dialogues for making a new breakthrough in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”, the official Korean Central News Agency said. After an invitation by the US president on Saturday, the two men met


MANILA – US admonished the Philippines and China to avoid using “coercion and intimidation” in stating their claims in the disputed South China Sea, its embassy in Manila on Friday. The US embassy posted a statement, “Our position on the South China Sea is clear: We support lawful uses of the sea, respect for international law, unimpeded lawful commerce, and peace and stability.” US embassy dispensed the statement after a


WASHINGTON – Trump’s administration has gone ahead with a surveillance drone sale to 4 US allies in the South China Sea region as acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan stated Washington will no longer “tiptoe” around Chinese behavior in Asia. Shanahan did not directly name China when making accusations of “actors” destabilizing the region in a speech at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday but went on to say