Teodoro Locsin Jr

Teodoro Locsin Jr.

Human Rights Watch defined the comments made by Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on an Iceland-backed UN resolution to explore the drug war in the Philippines as outrageous and malicious. HRW Philippine Investigator said that it demonstrates the Philippine government’s despair to frustrate accountability for its atrocious drug war. The UN resolution encouraged the Philippine government to avoid extrajudicial executions and officially called on the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to

Teodoro Locsin Jr.

MANILA, Philippines -The Philippines has endorsed the terms and conditions of a reference proposed by China for an agreement on the joint exploration for oil and then gas in the West Philippine Sea, in accordance with Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. “I accepted China’s version of the Terms of Reference (TOR) as superior to our personal. Everything certainly going well,” Locsin posted to Twitter on Sunday. Whenever retired diplomat and

container van

Around 69 container vans filled with over 1,000 tons of trash from Canada were finally loaded into a ship that would return to Ottawa on Friday. Teodoro Locsin Jr., Foreign Affairs Secretary on Thursday night skimped on the details of the reshipment procedure but merely posted photos of the loading process., “Going…going…going…,” he posted on Twitter to include in the photos having container vans being loaded to the M/Bavaria, which


Canada finally chose the conglomerate that will take charge of transporting the tons of trash sent to the Philippines back to Canada, with the schedule of completion by June of this year. As stated, Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, awarded the contract to Bollore Logistics Canada. Canada gave the statement a day after Malacañang stated President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered government agencies to look for a


President Rodrigo Duterte was fuming because of the delay in the return of tons of Canadian trash illegally transported into the country. He took matters in his own hands by sending the garbage back to Canada at the Philippines’ own cost, Malacañang proclaimed on Wednesday. Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo stated that Duterte ordered an appointment of a private company to manage the return the trash to Canada then to leave


Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. claimed that the Philippines was not aware of the existence of the clams following his previous remarks that China should pay for the giant clams they harvested from Scarborough Shoal. A tweet earlier this week from the diplomat said he will not be “going down in history as a clam defender.” Twitter user @JGDelica replied to Locsin’s tweet, pointing out that the Philippine government

Regine Velasquez and Teodoro Locsin

Filipina musician Regine Velasquez disapproved of Foreign Affairs Chief Teodoro Locsin Jr. remark on Thursday on clams amid reports of mass harvesting by Chinese vessels near Scarborough Shoal. The Philippine’s top diplomat in a tweet posted that the Department of Foreign Affairs is looking into the report, but noted that he would not be known as a “clam defender,” since these are “just f**kng food.” Several Filipino fishermen have stated

Duterte may soon visit US, says Locsin

“The exact details, the arrangements that will be made, the specific dates will have to wait for the end of elections,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr said last Friday that Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte may soon visit the United States for a state appointment. Duterte has restored the country’s foreign policy by befriending China and Russia while vowing to scale down joint military exercises with the US. Yet Duterte’s