PLDT mobile services arm Smart Communications has launched the new Signature Plans, promising a prioritized, worry-free, and in-control mobile experience for customers. Via Smart Signature, mobile subscribers are prioritized over the Smart LTE network, the country’s undisputed fastest mobile network as awarded by world-renowned network analysts like Ookla, OpenSignal, Tutela, and P3. This prioritized network experience makes sure that subscribers can enjoy consistent data to connect to their favorite apps,


Already some of Samsung’s new, close to $2,000 folding phones appear to be breaking in just a couple of days of pre-launch. Medias who acquired the phones to review before the public launch stated the Galaxy Fold screen began flickering and turning black before completely fizzling out. Two journalists said they removed a thin, protective layer from the screens that they thought was supposed to come off, but was meant


Gavin pathross likes his Americano at a specific strength, with exactly 2.8 shots of espresso, an order that human baristas find it difficult to get right. But the baristas at Ratio, his new coffee shop in Shanghai, are anything but human. Customers specify, order and then pay for their coffee via their smartphones. A robot arm then grinds the beans, pumps shots of espresso and then carries out the rest

MiGuard Helps in Creating Filipino Homes Safe

Your home should be safe. It would find that your own personal refuge- a private sanctuary where you and your family can feel most secure and safe and then most worry-free. In the Philippines, just like in many countries, feeling safe within the confines of ones’ home, is never negotiable. Peace of mind that their loved ones are well protected and then secured from harm is a prime priority of

Apple Fires one hundred ninety Employees From Project Titan Self-Driving Car Project

The apple company has reportedly confirmed it is firing one hundred ninety employees from it is ambitious self-driving car project called Titan. According to a report in San Francisco Chronicle late Wednesday, the Cupertino-based company has laid off mostly engineers, which includes 38 engineering programme managers, 33 hardware engineers, 31 product design engineers and then 22 software engineers.The layoffs in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale would take effect from April sixteen,

In today’s digital world, Artificial Intelligence has made a growth and has become advanced than before.

If AI can boosts and then improve the cybersecurity effectiveness, it might also lead to make the task even more complex. Hackers look for new ways to use and modify AI, to evolve and then use the last available technologies in the market to cause harm. There is no proper cybersecurity strategy using AI, to tackle this important issue. According to latest figures by webroot, AI is used by approximately

Philippine game changers share what it takes to be leaders in science, technology

Four women who have created a placed in science, technology, engineering, and then mathematical recount their journeys, as well as the challenges and then chances that lie ahead.To mark the United Nations International Day of Women and then Girls in STEM, the Worldwide Labor Organization gathered 4 Filipina leaders on Friday, February 22, to share their remarkable trips in paving the method for women in the Philippines. Although STEM groups

Leading With Technologies In A Connected World

The staggering speed in which Technology has permeated into all aspects of our everyday life and work, nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine that there are more connected and then digital devices than people. Today , technologies has gone absolutely global. One billion people in the world are using four billion connected things (IoT 2016). We call up this IoT – internet of things. We are now surviving in “Smart cities”,

Artificial Intelligence Could possibly Speed Up Navy Training as New Technology is Rapidly Fielded

Artificial intelligence could be used not only for faster decision-making on the battlefield but also for faster training as the Navy inserts more weapons and then tools onto ships and aircraft, the Navy’s top weapons buyer said last week. James Geurts, the assistant secretary of the Navy for researching, development and acquisition, told reporters that the Navy has many needs for Artificial intelligence tools, especially given the service’s reliance on

8-ft Titan robot greets visitors at UAE defence display Idex

Visitors of the ongoing International Defence Exhibition ( Idex ) in the Capital are curious by the robot greeter , Titan , which comes outside each and every after an hour to greet them and then welcome them to the region’s biggest defence exhibition . Putting on a military vest , the robot Titan , just walking by the crowds as he introduces himself in both Arabic and English Titan