Clogged Google servers in the eastern United States triggered problems for users of Snapchat and YouTube on Sunday, with complaints on social media that the popular apps weren’t accessible. Google had recognized the issue, writing in a statement on its Cloud Platform status page that it was dealing with “high levels of network congestion in the eastern USA, affecting multiple services in Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube.” “Users may

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Electricity supply for residents and businesses in Iloilo City is tenable after MORE Electric and Power Corporation (More Power) co-signed a provisional power supply agreement with one of the country’s largest power producers, Aboitiz Power Corporation. A signing held on May 22 at Seda Atria Hotel Iloilo is even noteworthy as the power supply comes from a clean and renewable power plant of AboitizPower under the company’s Cleanergy brand. Energy


National Privacy Commission (NPC) is now looking into the supposed security and cyber threat issues that China technology firms, particularly Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., may be bringing into their foreign markets, including the Philippines. NPC Commissioner Raymund E. Liboro cited that its technology standards division is observing into this issue. NPC Commissioner Raymund E. Liboro during a presscon for the Privacy Awareness Week (May 25-31) stated, “Since they operate in


Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s call for “globally harmonized” internet based regulation raises questions about how internet platforms can deal with concerns about misinformation and then abusive content while remaining open to free speech. The major social network wants a single set of rules on content to avoid running afoul of national requirements to remove “hate speech” or inappropriate content, kicking responsibility to a to-be-determined entity to avoid being accused of


Huawei is on a shoot ’em up mood, and it showed for the duration of the huge reveal of the recent P Series at the Paris Convention Center. Tireless Huawei Consumer Business Grouping came out strutting with not simply one but two shooters in the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro  both of them adhering to the P Series DNA in design and then photography. Ammo includes the innovative Huawei SuperSpectrum


Gavin pathross likes his Americano at a specific strength, with exactly 2.8 shots of espresso, an order that human baristas find it difficult to get right. But the baristas at Ratio, his new coffee shop in Shanghai, are anything but human. Customers specify, order and then pay for their coffee via their smartphones. A robot arm then grinds the beans, pumps shots of espresso and then carries out the rest

Apple Fires one hundred ninety Employees From Project Titan Self-Driving Car Project

The apple company has reportedly confirmed it is firing one hundred ninety employees from it is ambitious self-driving car project called Titan. According to a report in San Francisco Chronicle late Wednesday, the Cupertino-based company has laid off mostly engineers, which includes 38 engineering programme managers, 33 hardware engineers, 31 product design engineers and then 22 software engineers.The layoffs in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale would take effect from April sixteen,

These Youngster Pinoy Students Innovate for Sustainable Solutions

Filipinos don’t fall behind with regard to science and research. There’s Josephine Santiago-Bond, the Filipino engineer who has successfully made a name for herself as one of the National Aeronautics and then Space Administration’s chief staff. Many Filipino innovators are making breakthroughs in different fields, and the coming future of research is searching even brighter—young innovators from all over the Philippines have come together for the 2019 National Science and

In today’s digital world, Artificial Intelligence has made a growth and has become advanced than before.

If AI can boosts and then improve the cybersecurity effectiveness, it might also lead to make the task even more complex. Hackers look for new ways to use and modify AI, to evolve and then use the last available technologies in the market to cause harm. There is no proper cybersecurity strategy using AI, to tackle this important issue. According to latest figures by webroot, AI is used by approximately

Philippine game changers share what it takes to be leaders in science, technology

Four women who have created a placed in science, technology, engineering, and then mathematical recount their journeys, as well as the challenges and then chances that lie ahead.To mark the United Nations International Day of Women and then Girls in STEM, the Worldwide Labor Organization gathered 4 Filipina leaders on Friday, February 22, to share their remarkable trips in paving the method for women in the Philippines. Although STEM groups