Department of Health

Department Of Health

As the rainy season projected to start the following week, the Department of Health (DOH) on Friday, June 7, cautioned the public against certain illnesses. DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III said in a statement it is imperative for the public to be prepared for rainy season diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis as well as malaria, and dengue. “It is best to arm ourselves with weapons against these

Department Of Health

A number of Filipinos seem to contract HIV this year as 38 new infections are being recorded daily, the Department of Health (DOH) stated over the weekend. Data prepared by the DOH’s Epidemiology Bureau for the HIV/AIDS Registry reveal the number of new infections being reported daily rose to 38 this year from 32 in 2018. In 2014, the DOH was documenting 16 cases every day. Data cites that in

Department Of Health

Department of Health (DOH) admonished Filipinos who tested positive for HIV to avail free treatment, care, and support services in time for the annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. A Friday statement notes the DOH encourages the public to get tested. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said, “One of the highlights of the amended Philippine HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS Policy Act is the lowering of the age of a

Department Of Health

The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday well-advised the voters to be mindful of their health as they troop to the polling precincts to cast their votes. The health department advised the public to eat before heading to the polling precincts . They were also encouraged to bring in drinking water to avoid dehydration, as well as snacks. Voters should also wear comfortable clothes, and then bring an umbrella and

Department Of Health

Department of Health (DoH) has goals in lower the incidence of malaria by 90% by 2022, with the aim of declaring the Philippines malaria-free by 2030. DoH announced last Friday that out of the nation’s 81 provinces, 50 are “malaria-free” while 27 are “under elimination phase.” In a statement released on Friday, DoH said Malaria remains endemic in four provinces “as the country races to be declared malaria-free by 2030.”


Western Mindanao’s Department of Health (DOH) office has reported a rise in dengue fever cases in the region, with 18 children dead and more than 2,500 people treated due to complications caused by the disease since January. Neo Walter Folgo, DOH regional coordinator of the Aedes Vector Borne Disease Regional Program cited from January to April 5, 2,456 that dengue cases were recorded, a 132-percent increase compared to patients in


DOH Regional Director Eduardo Janairo stated government established hypertension and diabetes clubs in 2016 to boost efforts at combating NCDs. As Calabarzon concluded its first Non-Communicable Disease Health Fair for officers and members of hypertension and diabetes clubs in the region. “It is very important for us to sustain the services of these organizations to properly care for the sick because they are at the forefront of disseminating right information


Number of new measles cases dropped in the past weeks, as the Department of Health (DoH) had reached its vaccination target. Epidemiology bureau data from the department cited there were 596 measles cases from March 20 to 21, lower than the 1,088 recorded from March 13-14. “We’re monitoring right now, we know that the number of cases has been decreasing and in fact some provinces and municipalities have had no

President Duterte

Malacañang said President Duterte is currently doing his homework regarding the proposed 2019 budget submitted to him by the Congress last week . Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo generated the statement after it was revealed that Duterte would start working on the budget after his birthday on March 28. In his Monday press briefing, Panelo said that Duterte has probably started scrutinizing the General Appropriations Bill (GAB). “I believe. I really


The Department of Health (DOH) stated that over 48,000 dengue cases have already been reported nationwide as of March 16, 2019. Basing from the latest data from the DOH-Epidemiology Bureau, there were around 48,634 dengue cases, which includes 184 fatalities, reported in the period of January 1 to March 16. The figure is higher compared to the 28,328 cases, including 150 deaths, recorded during the same period last year. Central