Sans Comelec accreditation: Namfrel keen to do poll duties


National Citizen’s Movement for Free Elections seeks support of other groups in carrying out their poll duties after refusing accreditation from the Commission on Elections.

Namfrel chair Gus Lagman noted the group vetoed on Comelec accreditation after the poll body rebuffed its request to gain access to key election data. Namfrel had also requested to monitor the conduct of elections and observe the random manual audit.

“They didn’t explain why they didn’t give it to us. We’re still hoping they’ll change their minds. We are not asking for anything more, it’s just the same as what we’re getting in the past,” he said in an interview.

Lagman explained that the election data they are referring to are the election returns.

Noting they are the only group that analyzes the said data, Lagman added, “We have some 90,000 precincts. So that’s 90,000 record sets coming from all the precincts. We can analyze those.”

Lagman said despite all that happened that they will look for other sources and ask them to share data with them.

“It would have been much easier for us if it were direct access, rather ask, having to go to a 3rd party,” he concluded.

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