Philippines says African swine fever caused pigs’ deaths

Domestic And Wild Pigs

Fourteen out of 20 blood samples from pigs sent to the United Kingdom tested positive for African swine fever or ASF, Agriculture Secretary William Dar said Monday as he assured the public that the disease had been contained.

Approximately 7,416 pigs were culled in parts of Rizal and Bulacan within the 1-kilometer radius of the impacted regions, Dar said. These regions are now regarded as the disease’s “cleaned,” he said.

The outcome of a distinct experiment that will determine ASF’s strain and virulence is still pending, he said. After some hogs fell ill and died, the region was quarantined in August.”We keep monitoring, even beyond the radius of 10 kilometres. So far, so good. No incidents,” Dar informed journalists.

Pork products sold on the market with the NMIS or National Meat Inspection Service seal are secure to consume, he said, advising the public, particularly those from overseas, not to bring home pork products from ASF nations.It’ll be hard to contain if there’s no community involvement … We should do everything, collaborate, otherwise it will be a lingering problem, as you said.Cash assistance was provided to farmers whose pigs had been killed, Dar said. The disease was first identified in Rizal and in a stockyard in Guiguinto, Bulacan, in some areas of Rodriguez and Antipolo.

There are presently 12 million hogs in its inventory in the Philippines, and the sector is worth about P260 billion, Dar said. Last year, the Southeast Asian country placed in place safeguards to safeguard its $5 billion hog sector against the extremely contagious disease for which there is no cure and no vaccine.

It has prohibited far more than a dozen nations from pork and pork-based products, including Vietnam, Laos, and China, where the epidemic has spread across the continent, as well as to Hong Kong.

African swine fever among domestic and wild pigs causes elevated fever, loss of appetite, hemorrhages, and death. It does not present a danger to people’s health.

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