PH airport authorities ban NAIA taxi fleet for driver’s ‘extra charges’


Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal has ordered MIAA police authorities to ban the entire fleet of Davis Taxi at all Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals.

This comes after one of the fleet’s drivers went viral online for charging a pair of Austrian vloggers extra for pieces of luggage the two had with them. As frequent Philippine visitors, the vloggers knew this was unusual and refused to pay. The driver then allegedly became aggressive.

Soon after the couple’s post went viral, the taxi driver was sought and eventually detained by the MIAA’s Intelligence and Investigation Department.

“Beginning last Monday, May 6, we have removed the white taxi queuing lane in NAIA Terminal 1 as a prelude to eventually putting an end to the privilege given to them to line up and pick up passengers in the four terminals.”

“While we do not intend to limit the choices to MIAA accredited transport, we are also duty bound to protect our passengers from enterprising drivers,” he stated.

Monreal confronted the driver in person and has suggested to that Land Transportation Office (LTO) that his license be revoked.

“This campaign against abusive taxi drivers also extends to drivers of MIAA accredited transport services. No one is exempted here. We have no room for people who continue to destroy the reputation of NAIA and damage the image of our country before the world.”

“Sadly, these people simply have no love for our country.” he concluded.

The MIAA recorded that in 2018, a number totaling to 301 complaints against white taxis. By far, 56 complaints have been recorded in 2019.

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