Nintendo Switch Lite has announced a price of $200


As Nintendo announces a “lite” version of their famous Switch console, in youth, gray and turquoise, the Switch experience is brighter and cheaper.

Unlike the initial switch linked to a TV, the switch is portable only. Also, the Joy-Con controllers are not removable and no HD Rumble function and the IR move sensors are provided. Players, however, will be able to connect separately bought Joy-Con controllers to the Switch Lite for use in certain games.

The display of the Lite will become 5.5 centimeters narrower than the initial screen of 6.2 centimeters. The resolution of 720p is kept. On September 20, the new console will be priced at $200. This is $100 less than the Switch original.

Compared to the initial switch, the Lite has a battery life that is about half hours longer. The Lite shall be 3-7 hours and the battery life of the original shall be 2.5-6.5 hours. It weighs a little lighter, therefore, with a lower size. The initial Switch is 398 grams with the controllers, the Lite is 275 grams.

There are more choices for color and price points to add to the lineup by adding Nintendo Switch Lite stated by Doug Bowser, President of America at Nintendo Consumers wherein they can decide which system fits their preferred Nintendo Switch games best.

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