LOOK: 2NE1 reunites to celebrate 10th anniversary


2NE1 got together to celebrate their 10th anniversary of their debut.

One can bet that fans of 2NE1 dropped everything they were doing —some might have even had to put a pause on their own parties — when they got the notification on Instagram that all of the group’s members were holding Live sessions at the same time.

One might have heard them collectively scream out loud Friday night when they clicked it and found out that Sandara Park, CL, Minzy, and Park Bom were all streaming from the same location, wearing party hats while a cake sat right in front of them.

Luckily for those fans, CL and Minzy shared just a few minutes after some clearer photos on their respective Instagram pages from their reunion, making documenting it a little easier (rather than leaving fans with grainy screenshots to remember it by).

2NE1 is considered as among who trailblazed the popularity for the K-pop genre into mainstream. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2016.

The members still kept in touch among each other, a recent note of which was Park Bom releasing a music video that featured Park.

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