Kyline Alcantara is admired by Kate Valdez

This image is about forthcoming movie "Black Lipstick,"

In the forthcoming movie “Black Lipstick,” Kate Valdez will be starred alongside Kyline Alcantara and she is only loud for her younger partner.

Kate told entertainment journalists on a Tuesday about how Kyline worked on set. Kate Valdez’s upcoming movie’ Black Lipstick’ will be shown in the company of Kyline Alcantara and she has nothing but praise for her younger comrade.

Kate said that on Thursday, she was blown away by Kyline’s work. She talked to entertainment journalists.

In “Black Lipstick,” Kyline will play her first leading role, telling a strong tale about self-love and acceptance. According to Kate, the 17-year-old who has many talents can truly turn a switch.

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