“I just follow the law”: Jake Zyrus doesn’t feel like using a masculine CR

Jake Zyrus

Trans man Jake Zyrus said he didn’t feel the need to use a masculine toilet. This, after being asked about the controversial discussion on whether trans people should be permitted to use restrooms that align with their gender identities during his album release on Wednesday.

The issue became a national issue last month when a trans woman, Gretchen Diez, was barred from using a Quezon City mall’s female restroom and handcuffed to a police station.

The incident sparked fresh outcries for a bill to be passed to protect LGBTQ+ members from similar acts of discrimination.

The problem, Zyrus says, is “no longer about sexuality.”

He also asserted that individuals should not force their views on others, and that if many find it awkward that a trans man like him is using a female restroom, it is no longer his issue.

Presented with the concept of a third trans people restroom or gender-neutral toilets, Zyrus said he would only approve it if it was accepted by the majority of Filipinos.

He shared that the record is “not just about [ his ] transition, but the ‘ evolution ‘ of [ his ] life.” It’s created by Star Magic and features his 2018 single, “Diamond,” a survival anthem.

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