Hangovers of German court regulations are “disease”

this image is about Hangovers of German court regulations

A German tribunal ruled that hangovers are a “disease,” in a timely judgment days after the start of the annual Munich Oktoberfest beer festival.

The case landed in Frankfurt before the courts when the plaintiffs claimed that a company providing anti-hangover “shots” and drinking powders to blend with water made illegal allegations about health.

Information on a food product can not attribute any characteristics to prevent, treat or cure a human disease or give the impression of such a property, “read the sober decision of the Superior Regional Court.

Even tiny or temporary disruptions to the standard state or ordinary activity of the body should be understood by the disease “— including the fatigue, nausea, and headaches that the business claimed its product could be polished off.

In reality, the judges observed that the word “veisalgia” has long been created by physicians as a specialized medical term for the morning after the night before.


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