‘Game Of Thrones’ Season eight, Episode six: A Good Series Finale That Could Have Been So Much Better

Game Of Thrones

The world’s most popular show, based upon one of my very favorite fantasy series ever written, has aired its last episode. It was pretty good, too. In eighty minutes, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrapped up a show that’s spanned eight seasons, two continents, 7 Houses and then hundreds of thousands of corpses, and they did a decent job at it, considering. There was no way this show was going to give us the perfect conclusion, not after it began rushing toward that conclusion. The first 10 minutes of tonight’s series finale should have been the last 10 minutes of the season’s finale, with another season in the offing detailing the fight of Jon Snow and the other rebel Lords and then Ladies against the tyrant Dragon Queen.

Instead, it’s all over, with so much story left untold. In an ideal world, Season 7 should have been 10 episodes getting set up the difficulty with the Night King. Season 8 should have been another 10 episodes resolving that conflict and then setting up the showdown with Cersei, as well as further establishing Daenerys as a dangerous, mentally unhinged conqeuror. And then Season 9 should have been the evisceration of Cersei and then King’s Landing and fight against this latest Queen of the Ashes, out to liberate all of humankind, through blood and then fire.

“What about all the other people,” Jon Snow asks his queen, “Who analyze they know what’s good?” “They don’t get a choice,” Dany responds, thrusting a knife into her own heart during this process though she didn’t realize it. He clearly believed that what she did was wrong, that whatever she described in her speech to the Unsullied and then Dothraki was abhorrent, the words of a self-delude megalomaniac.

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