Followers of Taguig’s Cerafica brothers protest the Cayetanos’ mayoralty win


Followers of the Cerafica brothers in Taguig City flocked to the streets near the city hall to protest the results of the election in the city on Tuesday night causing streets to be closed off to pedestrians.

Partial and unofficial results as of 7:20 p.m. Tuesday showed the Cayetanos leading against the Ceraficas on Taguig polls.

Lino Cayetano garnered 174,558 votes for the mayoral race, while rival Arnel Cerafica received 110,746 votes.

Alan Peter Cayetano, former foreign affairs secretary now also ahead of the congressional race, with over 30,000 votes more than what closest opponent, Allan Cerafica garnered.

Alan Peter got 91,630 votes, whereas Allan Cerafica got 63,279 votes so far.

Cerafica’s followers gathered along Levi Mariano Street near the Taguig City Hall to voice out their grievances.

Some jeered and dared the Cayetanos to open the ballot boxes if they have nothing to hide.

Motorists were advised to find alternate routes as some passages in the area have been closed to traffic. Local Police have also been deployed for security

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