Commuter chaos after powerful typhoon hits Tokyo

typhoon hits Tokyo

On Monday morning, September 9, a strong typhoon battering Tokyo overnight with fierce winds and driving rain triggered commuter chaos with trains stopped and more than 100 flights cancelled.

Typhoon Faxai, packing up to 216 kilometers (134 miles) per hour of wind, landed in Chiba just north of the capital before dawn, after barreling across Tokyo Bay.

The transportation disruptions unleashed by the storm came less than two weeks before the beginning of the Rugby World Cup and postponed the Australian team’s arrival – a reminder that Japan’s typhoon season could present organizers with difficulties.

Forecasters warned about prospective record wind speeds for a typhoon in the area, and for approximately 340,000 people, non-obligatory evacuation orders were still in place at 8:00 am (2300 GMT).

Authorities said more than 2,000 individuals took shelter in open shelters to accommodate those who follow the evacuation advisories.

More than 30 individuals were wounded in the storm, the Kyodo news agency said, including a lady who suffered severe injuries after high winds overthrew pillars at a golf course and struck a house. And on Sunday night, eight surfers were saved in elevated waves off Shizuoka in central Japan after being washed out to sea. Authorities said two of the surfers had been sent to the hospital, but none were in severe condition.

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