Coin toss allows comeback for ex-Palawan town mayor

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Cudilla beat incumbent Mayor Noel Beronio to secure a three-year term through a coin flip as the town board of election canvassers declared former mayor Sue Cudilla as the winner of the mayoralty race on Friday afternoon.

Cudilla and Beronio reaped 3,495 votes each out of 7,238 ballots cast during the May 13 polls, thus the need for a tie-breaker.

Thus, tails proved to be the winning bet as Cudilla swept the best-of-three toss using a ₱1 coin.

Beronio’s older brother Lucibar III showed up to do the coin toss on his behalf. He had to take an oath before he could take part in the all-important match.

In any case of a tie, the Omnibus Election Code explicitly allows local election officers to resort to “drawing of lots” to determine the winner, and shall proclaim the candidates “who may be favored by luck.”

This has not been the first time in election history that a toss coin transpired to determine the winner. Back in 2016, Mayor Joni Villanueva was named mayor of Bocaue, Bulacan after a best-of-five-coin flip battle.

The rules allow the filing of a protest after the winner is proclaimed as mayor-elect.

Araceli is an island municipality northeast of mainland Palawan with 14,909 residents as of 2015

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