Bushfires erupted in Southern Australia on Thursday as a heatwave expected to bring renewed misery, and officials warned that some areas are “just at the beginning” of the devastating crisis. Soldiers went door-to-door, warning people to leave the southern Australian town of Parndana on Kangaroo Island after massive lightning bore down the area, with temperatures rising to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). It was less than 24 hours after

nuclear missile

The United States would be very surprised if North Korea were to launch a long-range or nuclear missile and take appropriate action as a leading military and economic power. Announcement Washington has many “tools in its tool kit” to respond to any such check, O’Brien said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.” North Korea has asked Washington to propose a new initiative to iron out the differences over Pyongyang’s


Demonstrators gathered in New York on Tuesday night to call for the impeachment of US President Donald Trump and his removal from office on the eve of the planned vote of the House of Representatives to condemn him. Announcement Organizers said they were anticipating thousands at a rally and march through midtown Manhattan, one of more than 600 gatherings calling for Trump’s impeachment to take place across the world. Demonstrators

Hong Kong

China’s premier told beleaguered Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Monday that after a huge rally earlier this month and the thrashing of her government in recent local elections, she had “unwavering support” from Beijing. Six months of massive pro-democracy demonstrations that have seen violent fights between police and militant protesters, as well as daily traffic disruption, have brought the city to an end. Protesters called for the controversial Lam

Amazon forest

Norway, Germany, and Britain said they would spend up to $366 million over the next five years to help mitigate deforestation in their vast Amazon rainforest. The three nations have supported Colombia’s efforts since 2015, with around $180 million spent so far, to protect forest areas spanning nearly 60 million hectares. The announcement was made at the United Nations climate talks held in Madrid, where ministers from all over the

Hong Kong

An international group of experts appointed to counsel Hong Kong police watchdog on its handling of massive pro-democracy protests revealed they were leaving Wednesday, December 11, in a significant setback to the government. The step came a month after the group’s leaked statement revealed that they thought the police watchdog of the city was not prepared to conduct a proper investigation. They proposed instead that a completely independent investigation would

Miss Universe 2019

Miss Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa is the new Miss Universe 2019! At the 68th edition of the pageant held in Atlanta on December 9, Monday, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray handed over her crown to Zozibini. Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson is the first runner-up followed as the second runner-up by Miss Mexico Sofia Aragon. She was given a new crown inspired by nature, energy, grace, femininity, and unity

Immigration Office

Immigration authorities have rescued 34 women who are accused of being unlawfully recruited to serve in Saudi Arabia’s households. The victims were mostly stopped last Saturday at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in their 20s and 30s as they were about to fly to Riyadh. When immigration officers found “glaring inconsistencies” and “irregularities” in their travel documents, they were not allowed to leave the country. Their visas suggested that


New data roves from NASA’s close encounters with the sun give scientists a unique insight into solar wind and space weather more generally as the spacecraft zooms through the outermost part of the star’s atmosphere. Scientists on Wednesday identified the Parker Solar Probe’s first reported observations, a spacecraft launched in 2018 to fly closer to the sun than any other human-made object. The results, providing fresh information on how the


A NASA satellite orbiting the Moon found the Vikram lander of India crashing on the lunar surface in September, said Monday the US space agency. NASA released an image taken by it is Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) showing the spacecraft’s impact site (September 6 in India and September 7 in the United States) and related debris field, with parts scattered over nearly two dozen locations spanning several kilometers. NASA said