Filipino-made "NASA" app creates space data to fishermen

A Filipino-made mobile application was recently identified by the United States’ National Aeronautics and then Space Administration (NASA) for it is vision of giving fishermen with scientific data that might help in their everyday lives. The ISDApp, designed by a group of Filipino creative and information technology professionals, won the “Galactic Impact” award in the NASA Space Apps Challenge for providing a “solution with the most potential to improve life

Artificial Intelligence Could possibly Speed Up Navy Training as New Technology is Rapidly Fielded

Artificial intelligence could be used not only for faster decision-making on the battlefield but also for faster training as the Navy inserts more weapons and then tools onto ships and aircraft, the Navy’s top weapons buyer said last week. James Geurts, the assistant secretary of the Navy for researching, development and acquisition, told reporters that the Navy has many needs for Artificial intelligence tools, especially given the service’s reliance on

A dream for virtual reality : VR Philippines and growing the niche

Virtual reality ( VR ) technologies tends to be seen as a specialized or niche activity meant for game players , and while that does happen to be true , the potential for it to grow is certainly there . With virtual reality and then its cousin , augmented reality ( AR ) , making inroads in the Philippine technology scene , I needed to know more about what promises

International nuclear science and technology group hails Filipina scientist as new director

The International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) has recently appointed a Filipina scientist to be one among it is new directors in Vienna , Austria , the Department of Foreign Affairs ( DFA ) said . Dr . Jane Gerardo-Abaya officially assumed her new position on January 1 , 2019 as IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation Asian countries and the Pacific Division Director . Dr . Abaya is an

The competition to responsible artificial intelligence

Chances are high you’ve been aware of artificial intelligence , which includes found widespread adoption in our famous culture . Generally speaking , AI is a number of computer algorithms that can try to make choices without human intervention . Autocorrect on our smartphones ? That’s AI , although I feel we could all agree there may be some room for improvement in that arena . It’s fun to ponder

8-ft Titan robot greets visitors at UAE defence display Idex

Visitors of the ongoing International Defence Exhibition ( Idex ) in the Capital are curious by the robot greeter , Titan , which comes outside each and every after an hour to greet them and then welcome them to the region’s biggest defence exhibition . Putting on a military vest , the robot Titan , just walking by the crowds as he introduces himself in both Arabic and English Titan

Artificial Intelligence: The Technology Penicillin Of The 21st Centuries

The headline on this posting derives from one of the many memorable ( and tweetable ) lines I over heard from certainly one of the speakers at IBM’s Consider 2019 conference in San Francisco . This is one of the biggest conferences involved in AI , data , and technology that drives business nowadays . I attended classes that had universal business lessons for the forward-thinking company . The following

This Simply walking Programmed robot Navigates By using the Sun rays , No Gps navigation Required

Research workers in France are contacting their six-legged making the “AntBot .” This 9-inch programmed robot doesn’t just simply skitter around for example a desert ant , though—it also borrows their own individual navigational skill-sets . These kinds of skill sets , displayed in a completely new study published in Science Robotics on Wednesday , could easily someday allow for robots to find their purpose back home without the need

An essential method for averting artificial intelligence disasters

One leading company built a job-applicant screening program that automatically turned down most women’s resumes . Others developed facial-recognition algorithms that mistook many black women for men .  The broadening usage of AI is attracting new attention to the great importance of workforce diversity . Although technology companies have stepped up hard work to select women and minorities , computer and software professionals who write AI programs continue to be largely white-colored and male , Bureau of Work Statistics data display .

WATCH: AI takes on debate between man and machine

IBM made history on Tuesday evening hosting the first ever public debate between man and machine. Formerly debuted in a small, closed-door event in June 2018, Project Debater moved onto the public stage for the first time in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Middle to take on Harish Natarajan, world-class debate champion and head of economic risk at AKE International. Each contender had only 15 minutes to prepare their arguments on